Client Resources

Most clients do not want to be bothered with web jargon like CSS, PHP, web standards, or xhtml. And most print clients don’t care about CMYK color space, selecting the best printing press, trapping, press checks, or white space. This is the part of the entire design process best left to your graphic designer. Working as a team, we can produce the results you need.


There is a lot that any client can do to prepare for design projects. Here are some guidelines -


Collect examples of successful websites and print work that you like and that effectively present the message.

Know your competition and prepare a list of these companies.

Know your target audience and customer base. Prepare summary demographics for our discussions.

Supply a list of at least ten adjectives that describe the vision and success of your business.

Describe in a single paragraph the image you want your business to project to clients. Include your mission statement.

Gather all pertinent printed materials and images. Get these digitized.

Determine your timeline and budget allocation

Define the scope of your project, whether a print project, a branding redo, a website, or all of the above.