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The work of Lumière Studio is characterized by websites that combine innovative design, clear navigation, and concise content. Our print documents exhibit zing, clarity, and creativity along with text editing that assures effective communication. Many client projects include customized digital photography for that personalized touch.

Our goal for every project is to bring you a final product that balances solid design and functionality, combined with that creative spark that gives your work a unique quality and originality. All of this must also focus on the bottom line.

Working with a team of professionals in areas outside of my expertise, we offer the skillset of a large design firm with the responsiveness and agility of a small company.


There are six portfolio examples in each of the three categories:

   Interactive Media

   Print Media

   Photoshop and Photography

The gray diamonds in the column to the right of the portfolio images link to each of the six examples.

Each example is a Javascript movie to quickly give several views of the project or topic for your convenience.