Unless otherwise indicated in the project description, all work on this site is of my own creation and is copyrighted, Lumière Studio, 2000 -2008. All student work was created in classes I taught.


wild flower image for colophon

My wonderful white flower image featured on my business cards and my site home page is a Photoshop manipulation of an image I took when visiting a friend in Illinois. Peeking up from a bed of ground cover was this wild white flower. After many hours, layers, lighting effects and javascript rollovers for the stamen color changes, this flower has become my signature image.


lumiere font for colophon

I love fonts and have an extensive collection available for my projects. After much experimentations, I selected Lassigue D'mato for my logo font script. It is a dynamic brush script designed by Jim Marcus of T26 Fonts.


Stickley sample for colophon

Sitckley Decorations, a dingbat font digitized by Woodside Graphics from source images featured in Gustav Stickley's Craftsman magazine from 1901 to 1916. A single ornament design from this era was selected as a design element throughout my site. I am using the capital letter D. This small company, located in Westlake, Oregon, specializes in Arts and Crafts digitized fonts and notecards. You can purchase Stickley Decorations from MyFonts.


silhouette flower samples for colophon

The wonderful grayscale weeds are from Mujka Design, Inc., a fun site and designer from Alberta, Canada. These were all contained in an Illustrator file with many other weed and flower silhoutettes.